Snackbox Announces New Practice

At Snackbox, we pride ourselves on being flexible, creative and proactive in the way that we are able to adapt to our clients’ needs and professional work styles.  But along the road, we have gained a tremendous amount of expertise and passion for certain practice areas.  Food, for instance, is an obvious passion of ours. It feeds our appetite for quirky creativity and delicious partnerships with great companies like Chinet and Batter Blaster.  Social media and its ever-changing landscape is another area that really drives us through our relationship with clients like Bernina USA’s Brewer and Embroidery Online.

You see, at Snackbox, our theory is that the more a person or firm is truly interested in a particular practice area or industry, the more their efforts will shine, ultimately making a communications plan more effective and our clients happier. Passion, at its core, is what causes people to do great things. And that is why I’m quite pleased and so very excited to share this piece of news with you: It is with great pride that I introduce to you our newest practice area: Travel and Tourism.

In addition to this newly established practice, we have also had the honor of adding some incredibly talented professionals to our team (Read about them here: We’ve worked with hotels, airlines, destinations, attractions, travel providers, and associations. Our past experience includes the North Carolina Division of Tourism, the Illinois Bureau of Tourism, San Antonio CVB, the Museum & Visitor Center at Gettysburg, and Expedia.

But we like to think that we have more to offer than just the obvious.  For those of you that are not familiar with our setup, the Snackbox team is comprised of communications professionals based all over the United States.  So collectively, we are intimately familiar with major cities across the county.  We watch the local news stations, we subscribe to the town newspapers, and we even know the quickest route to take during evening rush hour.  Furthermore, we’ve experienced the local tourist attractions ourselves, we’ve walked the beaches, and we know all of must-try, to-die-for restaurants (of course we do).  Since our network of office spans several states, we are able to provide geographically diverse perspectives on Travel and Tourism topics (which always make for productive and interesting brainstorming sessions)!

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