Snackbox Gains New Account Executive

Austin, Texas (September 07, 2015) – Snackbox, a public relations and design firm based in Austin, Texas, has promoted Jamie Hooker as the agency’s newest Account Executive. Hooker has been with Snackbox since 2015 where she joined the company…

Snackbox Promotes Young Star

“Yahaira has shown a strong proficiency in measurement and reporting as she has grown into her career at Snackbox,” said Jenna Oltersdorf, Snackbox.

Meet Team Snackbox: Eric Yule, Apprentice

Eric Yule joined Team Snackbox in January 2017. We like to call him “Other Eric” because we decided having two people named “Eric” in the office was too confusing.

Meet Team Snackbox: Brandi Calhoun, Apprentice

Brandi Calhoun joined Team Snackbox in January 2017, and we adore her! You will too.

The Story Behind: Everybody At This Table Eats

It’s not unusual for a company to have a mantra, but Snackbox’s is genuinely unique – everybody at this table eats.

Meet Team Snackbox: Yahaira Hernandez, AAE

Yahaira Hernandez is an Assistant Account Executive at Snackbox, spearheading the accounts for Jose Luis Salon and business coach Stephanie Chung.

Meet Team Snackbox: Jamie Hooker, AAE

Jamie Hooker is an Assistant Account Executive at Snackbox HQ. Here is a bit about her:

Snackbox Turns 10: A Burning Question: Why “Snackbox”?

Before the inception of Snackbox, Jenna and Eric would visit their 24-hour gym in Charlotte, N.C. and think of as many random names for their future business as possible.

Snackbox Turns 10: What was trending 10 years ago?

We’ve talked about how much PR has changed in 10 years, but let’s look at the bigger picture and talk about what was trending in 2006 outside of the PR world. You may be cringing just thinking about it,

Snackbox Turns 10: PR: Look How Far We’ve Come

Ten years ago, it was a time when people listened to their voicemail. You know, like you leave one and the other person listens to it, and then actually calls you back?