Snackbox Turns 10: A Burning Question: Why “Snackbox”?

By Jamie Hooker

Before the inception of Snackbox, Jenna and Eric would visit their 24-hour gym in Charlotte, N.C. and think of as many random names for their future business as possible. No idea was a bad one during the brainstorm sessions. I like to picture them throwing a medicine ball back and forth (rapidly), and with each throw came a different idea, but that’s just me. They also had a type of gallery wall in their apartment, where they would hang random and silly things, like a machete, a bubble wand and a wave cap, to draw inspiration.

They knew they could never name the business after themselves. Because, really. Who wants to hire Gruhala-Oltersdorf Marketing?

One name stood out to them: “Machete”. They liked the idea that their future business would “cut through the clutter”, and provide a new, innovative way to do public relations. Unfortunately, Machete Editing and Design already existed… so onto the next.

They knew their firm would offer multiple services, each service acting as a compartment within the business. So what has compartments? Lunch boxes (we’re getting there!)

“When I hear ‘lunch box’, all I think of is losing my lunch,” Jenna said… so onto the next.

Jenna suggested “Snackbox” instead of lunch box, and she and Eric knew that was it. The name Snackbox is fun, memorable and approachable, and encompasses the culture and structure of the firm.