The Story Behind: Everybody At This Table Eats

By Jamie Hooker

It’s not unusual for a company to have a mantra, but Snackbox’s is genuinely unique – everybody at this table eats. The idea behind the saying is that everyone the company touches is taken care of; everyone gets a seat and everyone gets a plate.

From the mailman to the employees to the clients, Snackbox treats everyone the way they want to be treated, with kindness, respect and fun.  The motto is applied to everything Snackbox does, including client relationships, work culture, networking and more. To put it simply, the company has an unofficial “no a-holes” policy.

Eric Oltersdorf, Principal Creative Director of Snackbox, is the originator of the mantra.

“When we created Snackbox, we knew the type of culture we wanted. Each person we interact with should leave happier than when they arrived, and we want to take the best care of our employees and clients,” Oltersdorf said.

“Everybody at this table eats” revolves heavily around Snackbox employees. Sure, there are endless snacks available and occasional pizza parties, but the “Snackbosses” want each employee to reach their full potential professionally. Two Assistant Account Executives have the same title, but each of them may have different interests and abilities. Snackbox is a great environment for employees to not only learn new things, but to emphasize each person’s natural abilities and turn them into something great.

Other companies look at employees as a means to a profit, rather than a team that can work together toward a similar goal. Some employers treat their people like a number, squeezing every bit of their time out without much compensation. Employees are often expected to stay late to impress the boss, but Snackbox has a strict work-hard-play-hard policy and its employees are encouraged to clock out right at 5:00 (Snackbox HQ even closes early at 2:00 p.m. on Fridays!).

There are other office politics Snackbox avoids, such as dressing like a corporate cog. Jeans and t-shirts are welcome; in fact, no employee of Snackbox has ever shown up in a suit. But that’s not to say they don’t clean up well!

Each Snackbox client is always in close contact with the team. The company prides themselves in client relationships and has made meaningful connections with many people in the 10 years they’ve been in business. Always treated with respect, Snackbox clients can rest easy knowing their PR firm truly cares about their business and its success.

Snackbox’s ultimate goal is that every person who interacts with the firm walks away with a good feeling, like the warmth you feel from your family.