Meet Team Snackbox: Brandi Calhoun, Apprentice

Brandi Calhoun joined Team Snackbox in January 2017, and we adore her! You will too.

Do you have any pets?

I have three labs (a black and English silver lab, Dahlia; a yellow lab, Deacon; and a black lab mix, Doodle) and they’re definitely my fur-babies. Yes, I am one of those types of dog people. I LOVE animals, especially dogs. I’m that annoying person that will stop anyone, anywhere, who has a dog just to pet it. I’m obnoxious when I actually get to pet one, speaking in that annoying baby voice, saying those stereotypical things, “Who’s a good boy?!” But dogs are seriously the best animals and if my husband would let me, we’d have a lot more than just three.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

My perfect Sunday would be a day off with my husband and our puppies, brewing beer or exploring things in Austin that we’ve yet to do. (We recently went and explored the Inner Space Caverns and it was so much fun doing something new, even as small as touring a cave for an hour.)

Favorite type of beer?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. I typically enjoy darker beers, but really, my favorite type of beer is one that makes me say, “Damn, that’s a good beer” after my first sip. Not all beers warrant that type of reaction, so it’s always nice to find one that does.

What do you love about working in PR (so far)?

Well, first of all, I specifically like working for Snackbox. At the risk of sounding lame, I feel like I’ve found my people with my coworkers here. As far as PR specifically, I like finding creative ways to bring attention to a brand. In my day-to-day tasks, there hasn’t really been anything I haven’t liked doing yet.

Favorite “Austin,Texas” thing to do?

Eat. I know that really isn’t specific to the city, but it kind of is because Austin has some of the best places to eat. The city is known for being food-focused and I am so glad because boy do I love to eat. Other than that, I love attending Movies in the Park and local festivals, when time and money allow.

Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Margot Robbie, because she’s totally my celebrity girl crush. But Emma Stone or Kristin Wiig would probably portray the essence of me better.  

What is your go-to dance move?

I actually have a signature move that we (my friends and I) call my rain dance. It never fails that it ends up raining when I do it. (Keep in mind that it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s usually already cloudy with a chance of rain.) It’s hard to describe but I’ll try: I do a hip-thrusting movement and then try (and fail) at a belly dancing move while one arm is up in the air and the other is outward from my body while my hand appears to be moving marbles around.

What would be your Cash Cab expertise?

True Crime, definitely. I’ve been obsessed since I was a kid and would watch Forensic Files and Unsolved Mysteries with my mom. Currently, I’ve become an expert thanks to podcasts like “My Favorite Murder” (shout out Murderinos!), “Undisclosed” and “Sword and Scale” (and no thanks to any actual certified education on the subject.)

Who is your dream client?

Ryan Gosling. I mean, I don’t think we’d normally take on a client like that… but I can dream J (In actuality, it’d be a major brewery or winery.)