Three Ways to Measure PR Success

By Yahaira Hernandez


Measuring the success of public relations campaigns has been a hot debate for many years. Based on our experience and research, we have found “success” can be measured in different forms. The following list identifies three strategies that can help determine whether your marketing campaign was successful or not.


Audience Reach

At Snackbox, we love to look at audience numbers or circulation numbers at the end of a campaign. Your client may have a goal of reaching at least 20 million people or 10 national placements. This gives you a baseline of what is expected and how you can develop strategies to exceed these numbers.


Many of our clients have presented a list of objectives or goals they desire to meet. Such as increasing sales, brand awareness or a positive reputation. This can all be measured by looking at sales charts during the duration of the campaign, looking at numbers of followers on social media and web traffic for brand awareness and responding to customer reviews and social posts to effectively create or maintain a positive reputation for your client.

Target-Audience Audits

Keep this in mind for perception audits: no brand is for everyone, therefore a large, random audience is not ideal. Target the company’s audience to make sure the products and communication are catering to the right people. The outcomes of this examination will provide far greater results for measuring PR success as well as a company’s success.


This list of measurement tools are just a few practiced tactics that can make you smarter at identifying the success of publicity efforts. We have always found them extremely useful to make us wiser and even more successful.