January Food Holidays

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday food season (or as some would say, “fat season”) does not end after Christmas. January is full of food holidays we feel obligated to celebrate. If you made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, you might have a hard time keeping that promise to yourself after you read this post. Here are just a few of the food holidays to look forward to as we enter 2016:


Jan. 1            Bloody Mary Day (obviously)

Jan. 2            National Cream Puff Day

Jan. 3            Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Jan. 4            National Spaghetti Day

Jan. 7            National Tempura Day

Jan. 12          Curried Chicken Day

Jan. 19          National Popcorn Day

Jan. 22          National Blonde Brownie Day

Jan. 23          National Pie Day

Jan. 26          National Pistachio Day

Jan. 29          National Corn Chip Day

Jan. 30          National Croissant Day             


For the full list of January food holidays, go here. Join Snackbox in celebrating as many of these holidays as your new diet allows!