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Pandemic Interview Series: Best practices for media interviews

The art of media interviews is always evolving, but this year, we’ve seen changes unlike anything seen before. The priorities of every newsroom - local, national and industry trades alike - shifted entirely, and so did their interview styles. 
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Restaurant Week: Top tips to take your restaurant’s social efforts to the next level

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Team Snackbox is recapping Restaurant Week 2020 and sharing some helpful marketing insights to help restaurant owners and other businesses achieve their growth goals.
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5 Gift Ideas for the PR Pro in Your Life

Only nine weeks till Christmas and for those who plan ahead, we have you covered. Here’s our top five gift ideas for the PR pro in your life.
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PR Isn't Just About Creativity

While creativity certainly builds solid campaigns, it's the reporting that measures our successes. Every good PR campaign needs a little of both.
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What Universities Need to Start Teaching Students

Schools teach about press releases but fail to expand on how other materials play into the overall day-to-day functions of the PR world.
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The Top Four Things I Learned at Snackbox

As my final weeks wrap up at Snackbox, it’s hard to believe my internship is almost over.
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Snackbox PR Apprenticeship

We are looking for part-time candidates for our prestigious apprentice program!
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Choosing the Right PR Spokespeople

Choosing the right spokesperson for your crisis is not just an option, it is absolutely necessary.
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Saying “I Don’t Know” Without Saying “I Don’t Know”

Ah, the art of strategic messaging. This is arguably the most important skill a public relations professional will use in a crisis.
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Event planning: Best PR Practices

Events and PR go hand in hand. No matter how big the event is, it’s never a bad idea to get some help on the public relations front. As an Austin-based PR firm, we think these tips are key for a successful