PR Isn’t Just About Creativity

By Yahaira Hernandez

During my time at Snackbox, I’ve learned that reporting is just as important as creativity. Yes, you have to exceed expectations with publicity stunts, social media tactics and writing phenomenal news releases and pitches. However, collecting information like audience reach, number of placements and knowing what worked and what didn’t work, is also extremely valuable to clients.

Having built millions (it feels like that much) of reports while at Snackbox, I’ve worked my way up to become a PR Analyst. This position focuses on the reporting and analytical side of the business, a side I thrive in and am quite fond of, unlike many creative-minded PR pros. One of the many great services we give includes our proprietary reports.

My executive team, Jenna and Eric Oltersdorf, learned long ago that reporting is a great way to keep clients happy and to hold our teams accountable. Clients appreciate seeing placements as they happen, but to see how a campaign performed from beginning to end makes them feel like their money is being well spent.

Clients have enjoyed our campaign reports so much that we’ve expanded our efforts to cover thorough analyses on competitors and what they’re doing, trends happening in the industry and so much more.

Having a PR firm that gives you quality placements is great, but having a firm that consistently gives you reports on tons of information in a concise document is not an easy find. That’s why we pride ourselves on being innovators in the industry.