Snackbox in Crain’s Chicago Business

Source: Crain’s Chicago Business, 3/24/08

Tension tamer: elaborate pranks
By: Lisa Bertagnoli

Jenna Gruhala, principal at Snackbox LLC, a marketing and event planning firm in Chicago, says she has “a sixth sense” about whom to prank and “who you don’t want to push.”

Her stock of pranks has included putting a prune-smeared diaper on the chair of a colleague and stacking office furniture in front of the door of a co-worker who complained about noise. “All he could do was yell for help,” says Ms. Gruhala, 30.

While working at a public relations agency in St. Louis, Ms. Gruhala called a reporter at the New York Times. She heard the reporter answer but quickly discovered that he couldn’t hear her. The culprit? Tape on the phone receiver. “I was mad,” she says. She retaliated by locking the prankster in his office.