Power and Grace in Community

By guest blogger Amanda McGuckin Hager of 

I recently sat in a 5th grade lesson on the life of Pioneers along the Oregon Trail. It reminded me that humans have long been leveraging the strengths of individuals for the greater good of the community.  In fact, it is nothing short of an ancient concept.

It also happens to be the core concept of my Marketing mentoring site GoMarket.me, where we invite senior-level Marketers to share their experience, learnings and suggestions with our audience of Marketing students and newbies.

Imagine it as a cycle: senior-level Marketers get to be senior-level through experience, successful Marketing efforts and networking. They are born and nurtured in the community of Marketers.  By contributing their experience, they help to grow and nurture the next generation, who grow to be senior level Marketers. The cycle repeats.

In using this as our foundation, we give to the community at large; we leverage the strength of individuals and we complete the cycle of sharing.

There is a power and a grace in this cycle that results in everyone benefiting: the author benefits with exposure; audience benefits with knowledge, and the site benefits with traffic.

For example, one such guest post,  “What is Press Release Worthy” by Jenna Gruhala Oltersdorf, drove site traffic up over 420%, as the author is a senior level marketer widely known in her field, and in her community.  When she mentioned her contribution, others picked up on it and it spread like wildfire.
These metrics reinforce the core essence: there is power and grace in community.