“Put That Release on the Wire”

By Yahaira Hernandez

At Snackbox, we know how to find and distribute great news for our clients, from publicizing a new product or event to announcing a new service. These special news announcements allow us to create and submit a news release through a reputable wire service that lets us connect and engage with the media that delivers news to your target audience.

A wire service sends news releases to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, or television networks. These wire services have evolved from mailing or faxing services to online commercial, fee-based press release distribution services.

Therefore, the traditional meaning behind “Put that release on the wire” meant, “Fax the news release to individual editors from one source.” Today, we use the same six words to refer to an electronic wire distribution service that we can say without a doubt, makes us do our jobs much more efficiently.