8 Great Tips for Combatting Writer’s Block


By Yahaira Hernandez

Ah, the dreaded writer’s block. We have all endured it at some point in our lives. You go from having many creative thoughts pouring out of you to blankly staring at your computer screen waiting for words to come to mind. Then you struggle to overcome this mental block and you feel that walking away and returning to complete your work sounds like a good idea but you have a deadline to worry about.

Well, fear not my friends, we have some good news for you. We have compiled a list of eight great tips to combat writer’s block. Try out these simple, yet effective strategies to get back into the flow of writing.

1.     Take a Break. When you are feeling stuck, take a few minutes to rest your eyes and focus on completing an errand, then you can return to your writing feeling a bit more energized 

2.     Get Creative. Whether it’s painting or taking photos, focusing on another creative project, and one as therapeutic as an artistic hobby, exercises your brain and your creativity.

3.     Freewrite. When you begin to feel stuck, grab a pen and paper and begin writing random thoughts that come to your head, this can help you recall information, vent frustrations, and think of new ideas.

4.     Make a Schedule. Discover when you work best and take advantage of that time period to easily put you in a writing mood and be 100 percent focused.

5.     Eliminate Distractions. Turn off your phone, avoid the internet, clean up your desk, wear comfortable clothing and make sure you are in a good working environment.

6.     Set up Deadlines. Nothing can motivate you more than a strict deadline. So, avoid procrastinating by encouraging yourself to write great material that could potentially be ready way ahead of schedule.

7.     Carry a Notepad. Whether you are running errands or shopping, new ideas can quickly come and go. But if you have a pen and paper with you at all times, you can be sure to have inspiration ready to get you back on track.

8.      Read. Get inspired by reading your previous work or reading a newspaper to get your creative juices flowing again. News coverage, images, or ideas can be the greatest inspiration when you are feeling stuck on a project.