Our Favorite Austin Newsletters

By: Jamie Hooker

We’re fans of newsletters here at Snackbox. Not only do they keep us in the loop in specific industries, but they also serve as inspiration when it comes to pitching and writing for social media. With the ability to sign up through email, they’re one of the easiest ways to keep connected. Since Snackbox is based in Austin, Texas, we like to keep up with our hometown outlets especially.  Here are some of our favorite newsletters from our city:

Eater Austin 

Obviously we love food here, so if we can learn about what’s happening with new restaurants, who serves the best brunch or where the new food truck is located all in once place, that is ideal. Eater Austin sends a morning briefing each day to highlight the biggest news, and then another one around 5:00 p.m. with a feature story. Their newsletter is always relevant and includes great info on all things food in Austin, Texas.

Crain’s Austin

Crain’s primarily sends business-related news. What we love about this newsletter is you get to choose what industry interests you and tailor the newsletter you receive each morning to your needs. Another thing we love about Crain’s is that along with local news, it includes a few national news stories also relevant to your interests. And at the bottom of each newsletter is the “Up Late” section, where it features a clip from one of the late-night shows from the night before. “Did you see Mariah Carey on Jimmy Kimmel last night?” Why yes, I did!

CultureMap Austin

As you can tell from it’s name, the CultureMap Austin newsletter revolves around the Austin, Texas culture, covering food, entertainment, and even real estate. If you’re looking for lighter reading than Crain’s, it’s a good balance of fun reads while still being newsworthy.  The pieces are usually quick, five minute reads, so it’s a good newsletter to catch up on before you dive into work that day. CultureMap has a Digest (daily news and events), Dining Report (restaurant and bar news), and a Promo Alert (special offers and invites), and you have the option of signing up for one or all of them.

We want to keep people up to date on what’s happening with Snackbox, too, so look out for a Snackbox Newsletter coming soon!