Signs your business is ready for PR

By: Jamie Hooker

If you’re a business owner, of course you want more people checking you out. Of course you want more recognition, and of course you want people talking about you (in a positive way). If you’re struggling with the decision to spend the money on PR, we’re here to help. And maybe as you read this blog you hear the PR gods calling down to you, saying, “Yes, (your name here), you ARE ready for PR.”

If you have stories to tell

PR is easiest when you have newsworthy things going on with your business, for example, a new product launch, a new partnership, or new service offerings. Human-interest stories are good at getting attention, as well. If your business helped solve someone’s problems or made a community impact, PR is important to let people know how awesome your business is.

If you know who you want to target

Identifying your ideal customer can make doing PR a lot easier, too. Pitches can be crafted to specific target audiences and time won’t be wasted on consumers you aren’t interested in. When you know who you need to get your company in front of, resources are not wasted on consumers you aren’t interested in targeting. A narrow focus on select people can be beneficial and time-effective.

If you know the media you want coverage from

Knowing ahead of time the kind of media you want to go after allows you to start a productive dialogue with your PR firm. If you have an idea of goal coverage, the firm you hit the ground running with creating media lists and doing research.

If you have a budget in mind

Even if it’s a range, having a budget you’re comfortable with will help the PR firm set goals. Different services cost different things, so having a budget in mind can help the firm figure out what services they can offer you specifically. Think about what your monthly spend can be and ask for a tiered budget recommendation from the firms you’re talking with in an effort to gain a better understanding of what different ranges will get you for your investment.

If you’ve done your homework

Knowing how PR works in the first place is very important. You should know there are no guarantees and it takes time. Also, knowing where to start with finding the right PR firm would be a good first step.

The truth is, every business should have PR, but whether you’re ready to make room in the budget is up to you. If you partner with the right firm, you will undoubtedly see your money back.