Satisfied Client, Northland Bordeaux

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In 2009 the Snackbox design division had the honor of working with Northland Bordeaux. Our tasks were great: Redesign for better backend usability, increase standings in Google and asisst with the site’s copy. We took on all three asks and are very proud of the end result.

Completely unsolicited and unexpected, we received a very nice note from Mark McElderry, Northland Bordeaux co-owner …

Hey guys,

We continue to get very positive comments on our website along with continued increases in traffic and inquiries.  I don’t attribute it simply to the attractive layout of the site, but to the research, thought, strategy and design work that you put into it.

I just checked our Google rankings as well, and we have moved up substantially for many of the search strings that are important to us.  I really think the quality of our customer prospect calls is improved as well.  Who knows, maybe the impression made by the site is almost intimidating to some – like, “We probably can’t afford puppies from that caliber of kennel!”  Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we want to credit you for giving us a very positive presence on the web…

Thanks again,

Thanks for the kind words, Mark! It was truly a pleasure to work with you and Cindy and we love visiting your blog! Great work!