Couple in suits holding hands

Happily in Business Together: Working with Your Significant Other

When Snackbox meets with new clients, we inevitably hear some version of the following, directed incredulously Eric and Jenna, our co-founders: “You work with your spouse? I could NEVER work with my partner. That’s incredible.”
Original Taco Bell location

Fathers of Fast Casual: Taco Bell

The inception of Taco Bell is something millions of college students are thankful for today. We’re going back to the beginning, highlighting another father of fast casual dining.
Bob's Big Boy Statue outside restaurant

Fathers of Fast Casual: Bob’s Big Boy Burgers

At Snackbox PR, we love our food history. Bob's Big Boy is one of our favorite stories ... we love it so much we have a painting of the founder in our office.

Fall Events to Look Forward to in Austin

Fall in Austin, Texas is a magical time of year. There’s something about this time of year that really gets the people going!

Our Team’s Favorite Travel Tips

Do you ever think, “There has to be better way” when you’re traveling? Luckily, our team has done their fair share of flying across the country.

Snackbox Dishes: Favorite Austin Spots for Beer

If you know Team Snackbox, you’re aware that we love food and drink. Our client, Adelbert’s Brewery, is Austin-based and one of our favorite beers to cool down with.

Casual Friday Fashion Tips

Friday is a favorite around Snackbox HQ. Not only does it kick off the weekend—but it’s also causal Friday around these parts.

Turkey Talk

Nothing goes better with cool weather and football than a juicy, well-flavored, turkey on Thanksgiving or any other fall day. It’s November and time to nail that recipe that yields one of the most exciting

It’s Movember

November brings cooler weather, awesome food, and… moustaches? You may have heard the term “No Shave November” and November first, kicks off the first official day of the hairy month

Alternatives to Austin's Tex Mex Scene

Austin has become a prime location in the restaurant scene.  Get out of your food rut, and check out these hot spots.