It’s Movember

By Dana Sotoodeh

November brings cooler weather, awesome food, and… moustaches? You may have heard the term “No Shave November” and November first, kicks off the first official day of the hairy month or “Movember”. Confused? Team Snackbox is here to explain!

Movember is a growing movement in which men (or “Mo Bros”) grow and maintain a moustache for a month long period to raise awareness and spark conversation regarding men’s health. All moustaches are welcome and the best part is the movement raises funds for prostate and testicular cancer. With research showing a man’s life expectancy is five years less than a woman’s, this fun and quirky action could make a difference in many lives.

Want to be a Mo Bro? You can sign up for Movember at, but make sure to check out the rules and regulations page before participating (yes, there are rules to growing a moustache)! Get more information and statistics on men’s health and help raise awareness with that manly moustache of yours.


Maintain the Stache:

Now that you’re going to have that moustache for the rest of the month, it’s time for a few tips on how to maintain and groom it. There are a few basic pointers to follow when it comes down to moustache etiquette:

1.)  Get equipped: The right equipment is key in maintaining your ‘stache. A single blade razor is all you need to maintain whichever shape you decide to go with. It’s small enough to let you get in there and angle your ‘stache exactly how you want. Click here for a few more tool necessities.


2.)  Stay Trim: When it comes to trimming your ‘stache, be sure to not trim facial hair too far above the top lip line. Use a comb to comb down facial hair before trimming.


3.)   Clean and Cleanse: Just because your mustache isn’t growing on your head, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be washed on a regular basis. There are several different scrubs depending on the ‘stache you’re growing and the sensitivity of your skin. For an in-depth consultation click here and find the scrub that’s right for you.


Happy Movember. Now get to growing your ‘stache and help educate others about men’s health!