Turkey Talk

By Dana Sotoodeh

Nothing goes better with cool weather and football than a juicy, well-flavored, turkey on Thanksgiving or any other fall day. It’s November and time to nail that recipe that yields one of the most exciting meals of the whole year. Whichever way you prefer to prepare your bird, there are a few tips and pointers to making sure it’s family table worthy. Team Snackbox is here with five fun and different ways to do turkey this year.

1.) Grill It: There’s no better time than now to light up that grill of yours and enjoy the crisp November air while relaxing with a nice brew. When it comes to grilling a turkey, make sure to break the turkey into wings, breasts, legs, etc. This ensures that each piece of the bird gets the proper grilling it deserves. Check out this simple, yet delicious grilled turkey recipe for more pro tips.

2.) Deep-Fry It: Deep-Frying turkey is no longer only a Southern tradition. Aside from the fact that this is the most decadent option, deep-frying your seasonal bird ensures fall-off-the-bone meat that is juicy and tender at the same time. If you need more convincing, deep-frying is one of the quickest ways to prepare a turkey. Take a look at a couple of easy ways to get that bird nice and fried!

3.) Smoke It: Are you a fan of smoked meat? If so, look no further. While it does take a great amount of time, smoked turkey provides plenty of flavor and is well worth the wait.

4.) Braise It: Braising is similar to “stewing” but requires less liquid. Why is braising your turkey this year a good idea? Braising ensures the meat is moist and tenderized, both of which are important when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner.

5.) Roast It:  Roasted turkey is a classic staple when it comes to preparing this seasonal bird and for good reason. It ensures a flavorful turkey and is easier than you think. For specific instructions on preparing the perfect bird, check out some instructions from the food network.

Your family has been waiting all year for your turkey, so make it well worth the wait. Whether your braise it or roast it, we suggest it tastes best with a good football game, plenty of stuffing, and lots of family.