Casual Friday Fashion Tips

By Dana Sotoodeh


Friday is a favorite around Snackbox HQ. Not only does it kick off the weekend—but it’s also causal Friday around these parts.

If you work in a creative environment, you often have a business casual dress code that allows you to dress a little less “corporate” and a little more fun. If you work in a corporate environment and get the casual Friday privilege but aren’t sure how to rock it–  read on! Team Snackbox loves stylish, but professional work clothing and we have a few pointers that will help you rock casual Friday and transition right into the weekend!


1.)  Jeans, Jeans,Jeans

If you work somewhere that allows you to wear jeans on Friday—consider yourself lucky! A good pair of fitted jeans is key in making any outfit work. Investing in one pair with a good wash and that fits your body well is important for your wardrobe. Make sure your jeans are at a length that looks great with flats, heels, or boots depending on the time of year. Usually you want a good dark wash pair of jeans that allows you to look casual but professional at the same time. The more put together your jeans look, the more fun you can have with a colorful or patterned top.

Pro Tip: Steer clear of holy jeans when it comes to the workplace. Just because it’s called “casual” Friday doesn’t grant you the ability to look grungy.


2.)  Blazers

Blazers are no longer just for corporate executives. Not only do blazers look good on everyone’s body type—but they come in every color imaginable to make any outfit fun. Blazers are great for during-the-week meetings, but pair them with your great fitting pair of jeans on Friday and prepare to look casual but polished at the same time. Investing in blazers of different lengths also benefits your wardrobe since they can be worn with dress pants, dresses, jeans, or skirts.

Pro Tip: Blazers that are too tight are often uncomfortable and not easy to move in. Blazers that are too large, usually make you look a little less put together. Aim for one that’s fitted to your body, but gives you enough room to move around in.


3.)  Flats/ Oxfords

We would never forget about the shoes! Most people feel obligated to wear some type of a heel throughout the week. The great thing about casual Friday is that slipping on a cute pair of flats or oxfords make every outfit look put together AND they don’t hurt those feet of yours.

Pro Tip: Steer clear from any type of open-toed shoe—especially sandals when it comes to causal Friday. Sandals usually don’t look professional in a work environment. Stick to flat shoes with a closed toe when it comes to finishing off your look.

Check out some of our favorite casual Friday fashion featured in this Creative CEO Pinterest Board. Don’t forget to dress up outfits with quirky hairstyles or fun jewelry. Express yourself but aim to remain polished.  Happy Casual Friday!!