Simple Steps for Getting Retweeted

This social media stuff can be tough for newcomers and in this post, I'm going to attempt to not only explain the art of the "retweet" but also provide tips for getting retweeted.

Social Networking is Not Like Middle School

Why building a following on Twitter should NOT be like a middle school popularity contest. I have a confession. Over the course of the past few

Facebook Fan Pages vs. Group Pages

We talk a lot about the importance of social media on this blog, but as we dive deeper into the topic, we're noticing a lot of tactical questions popping up from our followers.

Jenna Nominated for Social Media Award

This month we learned that Jenna has been nominated for the Texas Social Media Awards. The nominees will be reviewed by a panel of judges.

Facebook Fan Page Done Well

When social media is used correctly, it can do some truly great things. Many of us use Facebook for personal use, but when it comes

Some Assembly Required Blog

Check out this piece written by our favorite professional speaker and author Thom Singer:

Austin Entrepreneur Network Feature

When Jenna Oltersdorf and her husband Eric made the decision to relocate from Chicago to Austin to be closer to family, they had no idea that Twitter would help propel them ahead

Jenna featured in ArtsBiz

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Undefeated drag racer, cupcake baker and PR expert, Jenna Gruhala Oltersdorf, has practical tips for how to use social media to build your brand and grow your audience.

YouTube Reporters' Center Debuts

With the explosion of news reports from non-media folks using new technology, YouTube, which ends up hosting

Building Your Social Media Approach

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In order to build a social media approach for your company (or for yourself personally), there are five key steps to consider and follow: Research, Audit, Plan, Internal Education, and Participation