Simple Steps for Getting Retweeted

This social media stuff can be tough for newcomers and in this post, I’m going to attempt to not only explain the art of the “retweet” but also provide tips for getting retweeted.

First, let’s define retweet (or “RT”). Retweeting is a method used to share a tweet with their own followers. On and via most tweeting applications, you can click on the “retweet” or “RT” button. The application or site automatically puts the “RT” designation before the tweet and also includes the original person so they, too, get credit for the tweet.  Example: RT @JennaSnacks: Sims is World of Warcraft for Girls

When your tweet is retweeted, you’ll see it noted as a “mention” on TweetDeck or by clicking on your Twitter handle on the Twitter home page.

A quick Google search on the topic at hand nets more than 465,000 hits …

In a June 2009 post on (which, incidentally was retweeted 1,365 times according to the site), retweet behavior was examined. Some key insights:
– The majority of retweets include a link
– New information is king of the retweets
– Retweets rarely include swear words

So is there a secret formula to getting retweeted? Not so much. But there certainly are guidelines. Don’t cuss, be informative, offer value and include a link to back up your claim.