How to Drive Facebook Traffic

by Yahaira Hernandez


Facebook is one of, if not the most popular social media sites that businesses use to gain more exposure and more customers. In fact, 80 percent of U.S. social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook!

Like every other social networking site, you have to be interactive and creative to create a buzz around your brand. The following list provides you with some ideas that can help make people feel as excited about your company as you are.

  1. Place your company’s Facebook link to your company’s website, blog, e-newsletters, etc.
  2. Include a Facebook widget on your company’s website.
  3. Include your company’s Facebook URL on other social media profiles, like Instagram and Twitter.
  4. Create contests, sweepstakes, drawing or competition for most shares, likes, tags, etc. A little known fact is that 35 percent of Facebook fans “like” a page so that they can participate in contests!
  5. Place Facebook ads.
  6. Display your Facebook link or page on print media: business cards, letterhead, brochure, magazine ads, products, etc.
  7. Express your appreciation for your customers and employees by creating “Thank you” posts or congratulating employees on their achievements.
  8. Use hashtags and tag people on social posts.
  9. Combine a great status update with a humorous or outstanding image.
  10. Make your posts share-worthy, like a travel agency posting a magnificent picture of a sunset on a beach in Thailand as the caption reads: “Wish you were here?”