Snackbox + You = Awesome?

Hello. We’re Snackbox. And, we’re exploring the possibility of adding a public relations pro to our growing team that’s based in Austin, Texas. 

What type of PR work, you ask? Well, someone that understands how to develop story angles, write pitches and get stories placed for clients. Know Cision? Bonus points.

Just how much experience?  Ideally, a minimum of two years. If you have less experience than that, but you think we’d be crazy to not consider you, tell us why.

What type of position is it? That’s up to you. We’ll consider a freelancer, part-timer or full-timer. It all depends on what you’re looking for and if you’re the right fit for us. For us it’s about the work, the chemistry and the attitude more than the regular nine to fiver.

So, why should you want to work with us? We’re a small, scrappy agency that works with a lot of fun accounts … food, furniture, consumer packaged goods, business to business …. You know, stuff that you’re actually proud to put into your portfolio. 

How do I apply? Send us an email to and tell us: Why you’d be a good fit for Snackbox, how you’ll make our lives easier and why you’re qualified. For bonus points, tell us about one campaign that you were able to execute that garnered jaw dropping results. It’s that easy.