Snackbox Turns 10: We are the 4 percent

By Jamie Hooker

We have huge news! Snackbox turns 10 years old this year, and we’re happy-crying. This is a big deal because 96 percent of businesses fail within 10 years, making us part of the 4 percent that succeeds. You probably don’t know about the history of Snackbox, so let me fill you in.

In 2006, Snackbox began in a Chicago apartment at a Le Corbusier LC6 glass table. (Fun fact: the table is still used today in our main conference room!) Our Snackbox principals, Jenna and Eric, started to build the firm that would eventually become what Snackbox is today.

In 2009, Snackbox HQ moved from Chicago to Austin, Texas. Jenna and Eric worked out of their home until 2013, when the firm moved into its first brick and mortar office space. One year later, Snackbox moved into a larger space, where we are located today, just south of Austin, Texas’ famous “bat bridge”.

In the past 10 years the business itself has changed dramatically, but the vision Jenna and Eric have for Snackbox is alive and well. We have joined the elite four percent and have more stories to tell. Stay tuned for more from our “Snackbox Turns 10” blog series to discover more secrets and behind the scenes moments that have gone towards building Snackbox for the last 10 years.