Snackbox Turns 10: Our Favorite Work

By: Jamie Hooker

When you run a PR and design firm for 10 years, your portfolio of work really adds up. You work with countless clients and produce an insane amount of content. Some of that content stands out, and you can’t help but look fondly back on it. We love what we do each day, but we’re looking back on some of our favorite work in the past decade (in no particular order).

Batter Blaster Celebrity Portraits

Batter Blaster pancake batter hit the shelves and gained media attention based solely on it’s packaging – batter in a can. Eventually, the novelty wore off and the brand needed something to draw more attention. They switched PR firms and hired Snackbox …  and then Celebrity Pancake Portraits were born! The campaign gained attention from Perez Hilton, Colbert News Hub and Reader’s digest, just to name a few.  

Money Smart Week and Mini Bens

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago works with nearly 200 partners during Money Smart Week to educate, provide resources, and so on. For several years as the Fed’s agency of record, Snackbox coordinated a Team of Bens (Benjamin Franklin is the mascot for Money Smart Week) to pass out Money Smart Week calendars and to talk with people passing by. The campaign created awareness and received national media coverage from USA Today, ABC and FOX.

Wildly Natural One

Wildly Natural One originally was just in the market for… marketing, but it was clear their brand and logo needed some love. With Eric’s expert design eye, he was able to hand sketch a new logo and make it beautiful! The new look and logo transferred to Wildly Natural One’s website, sales sheets, stickers and business cards.

Smoothie King Blender Bike Tour

In 2014, Smoothie King launched their Greek yogurt smoothies, powered by Chobani. In order to get national media attention, Snackbox worked closely with Chobani, who provided stationary bikes (called “blender bikes”) that allowed guests to pedal in order to blend their free smoothie.  The bikes were set up right outside of Smoothie King’s in major markets. Talk about a visual!