Pickn’Tell Selects Snackbox

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Pickn’Tell has selected Snackbox as its public relations agency of record and social media consultant.

Pickn’Tell was established in 2011 by Dalit Braun and Asaf Lewin with the unique idea that if retailers wish to survive and thrive in the 21st century, they must pursue a strategy of integrating the physical experience of shopping with the interactive and social experience of online and mobile.  Pickn’Tell is the realization of this vision – to provide retailers with a revolutionary new way to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual shopping, enriching the shopping experience in clothing stores, harnessing social networks to promote the brand and providing consumer behavior analysis.


Pickn’Tell’s location based mobile service harnesses the power of social networks in order to provide incentives for both the customer and the retailer. Pickn’Tell provides its customers with an application and platform through which they can share their shopping activities. This platform includes direct sharing with their contacts or through their social networks. In addition, Pickn’Tell allows the customer to earn coupons, prizes and discounts to be redeemed later on at our retailers.  Pickn’Tell provides retailers with a “get-to-know” your customer toolbox.  This toolbox includes a variety of metrics, trends and analytics well as consumer behavior analysis to enable the retailer to better understand the customer.