AERC Recycling Solutions Picks Snackbox

The Allentown, Pennsylvania recycling company, AERC Recycling Solutions, has chosen Snackbox as their marketing partner.  AERC Recycling is one of the leading full-service recycling companies in the country, specializing in recycling of troublesome, dangerous waste such as lamps, electronic scrap and mercury, ultimately helping companies minimize the hassle of government paperwork while providing peace of mind that  items have been disposed of properly.  Snackbox has been chosen to assist AERC Recylcing Solutions with developing branding materials.

“Many of our team members, including myself, have a long history in working within the field of environmental protection,” said Jenna Oltersdorf, Principal, Snackbox. “Not only are we thrilled to be partnered with AERC Recycling Solutions, but we’re also proud to be a part of something bigger … recycling, caring for our environment.”