Why PR Matters in a Down Economy


Why PR Matters in a Down Economy: Favoring the Fat

It’s no secret – we’re in a recession. When sales slow down for a company, many times, the first thing that’s cut is the marketing budget. To many CEOs, the marketing budget is fat that can be trimmed, while manufacturing, etc. is left untouched. For those of you battling to keep your marketing and/or PR budget, here are a few arguments that favor the “fat”.

Public Relations builds credibility. Unbiased third parties tell a story for you or your company and through their storytelling, you receive incredible value.

Public Relations provides value. Most forms of communication tie a direct correlation between monies exchanged and results. However, through PR, our results are tied to the number of placements secured, the conversations started and the people that are talking.

Public Relations builds trust. As social media continues to rise and consumers get more of their news online, communities create a broader exchange for information. Many times, consumers are trading news stories and providing their own take (as in: “I use XYZ product and love the results).

Public Relations is affordable. Just because you’re experiencing a tough financial market at the moment, don’t sacrifice your long-term marketing objectives. Public relations is an affordable way to stay in front of your target, facilitate conversation and work to build brand loyalty.

Public Relations is aggressive. It’s easy to hide away during tough financial times, but isn’t that what your competition is doing? Take this opportunity to break away from your competition and solidify your position in the marketplace.

Make this tough economy work for you. Creativity and connections can easily catapult you to the next level (or two!)