Our Favorite PR Industry Newsletters

By: Jamie Hooker

We have our favorite Austin, Texas newsletters and our favorite food newsletters, so we obviously have our favorite public relations newsletters! These types of newsletters are the most helpful when it comes to PR industry trends, needing inspiration, and correct PR practice. Here’s a couple that we love:


Help a Reporter Out is a popular sourcing service that connects journalists with relevant sources to help them tell their stories. They offer a three-times-a-day email to your inbox that looks a bit different than the average newsletter.  Each email includes a short, anecdotal paragraph (usually about something totally random) that offers a bit of inspiration. They also include a short tip from Cision, a leading global media intelligence company, which usually surrounds reaching an audience and getting the most impact out of your work.

PR Daily News Feed

PR Daily is a hub for PR professionals. They have articles surrounding social media, media relations, crisis, marketing and more. Their daily newsletter goes straight to your inbox, and highlights the top stories from the website. The great thing about this newsletter is that will always be relevant to our work at Snackbox, offering great PR advice and news each day. We love to share PR Daily articles on our Snackbox social channels. Give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

If you’re thinking about starting your own newsletter, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Make it appealing to look at
  • Let it have purpose; don’t send one just to send one!
  • Plan them out ahead of time and work off of a template
  • As in anything, know your audience!