8 signs your website is majorly outdated

By Dana Sotoodeh

People can tell a lot about a person or a company by visiting their website. With technology being the most convenient way to research, people often visit your website to get a good idea of what you do before they trust you to do it. With that being said, outdated websites can be a major reason why businesses get less business than they potentially could.  These days it’s all about presentation, design, simplicity and accessibility when it comes to building a solid page.

Need help figuring out if your website is “so 2000?” Team Snackbox is here to give you 8 signs your website is majorly outdated.

1. Your website isn’t navigable for smart phones/ tablets/ etc: Gone are the days where people turn on their desktop computer to get the latest news and updates. If your website isn’t smart phone friendly, forget about getting views. With people constantly on the go, websites must be accessible to all mediums of technology, at all times.

2. There isn’t enough imagery to do your company any justice: If your website is primarily content based with no images, you have just lost a majority of your users. People are visual, and websites with no images give off a boring vibe to viewers. This is especially true if you are selling a product, brand, identity, etc. Are you a design firm? Show copy of things you have designed for clients. Are you selling jewelry? Have pages of jewelry for the viewer to scroll through.

3. There are no social media buttons: Linking your website to other forms of media is important when it comes to building a website. A lot of times, people will want to visit you via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Providing these people with social media widgets on your webpage is the easiest way for the user to flip back and forth between all of your social channels. Sources say using round widgets work best since they are smart phone friendly as well.

4. Old coding: Old coding makes a page look extremely dated. HTML tags for maps and tables also slows down the speed of your website, which results in a loss of users. Try rebuilding your website on a CMS (content managing system).

5. No contact page: If your website doesn’t contain a contact page, make it a point to get one as soon as possible. If your website is formatted correctly, by the end of the viewers visit, they will want to contact you. Make it a point to have an easily navigable contact page so viewers don’t have to waste time looking for it. The quicker they find it, the quicker they may contact you.

6. Blinking or scrolling text : Blinking and scrolling text is not a way to catch a viewers attention; it’s a way to distract them from the content of your site. A clean and simple webpage is key in getting users to focus on what you do and why you’re good at it.

7. Outdated information: It sounds pretty obvious, but if you’re website has outdated information, then your website is definitely outdated. Make it a point to update your webpage with the newest promotions, team members, clients, etc. This shows viewers that you value them enough to show them the latest things developing within your workplace.

8. Copyright date is outdated-The Copyright often found at the bottom of webpages, seems miniscule in the scheme of creating a legible website. However, this shows that your site may not have been updated in a while or that it may contain out-of-date information. Make sure it reflects the year you’re in currently.