The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

By Dana Sotoodeh


LinkedIn….You have one collecting cyber dust, or you’ve heard of it amongst your colleagues.  LinkedIn is no Facebook— you can’t browse hundreds of fun pictures or stalk people’s personal lives. What you can do is a thousand times better. LinkedIn was created for networking opportunities amongst professionals. Whether you’re a job seeker, a hired employee, or an employer, LinkedIn boasts all the tools you need to network within your field WITHOUT leaving your desk.

Did you know that the Pew Research Center found that the majority of LinkedIn users were bachelor degree holders, or people making over 75,000 annually?  This means that LinkedIn is optimal for educated people looking for job opportunities, and utilized by high earning professionals with ample amounts of experience.  So the next question is—how do you use LinkedIn to network and further your career?

Team Snackbox is here to help you out with a few pointers in navigating that networking machine! 

  1. Join Groups: LinkedIn has thousands of groups pertaining to your field for you to join. Inside these groups are job seekers, employers, or other professionals in your field that read and share knowledge on a daily basis. Becoming active and making connections in these groups will only help you gain exposure in the field that you work in. Make comments or share articles from groups you join in order to get your name out.
  2. Bulk up your profile: You always hear the phrase “ keep your resume to one page,” but LinkedIn has no limit. Don’t assume that filling your profile with everything you have ever done is the right move, but take advantage of LinkedIn when it comes time to writing job descriptions or describing volunteer opportunities in depth. Since LinkedIn is often accessed through a computer, scrolling through isn’t as painful as flipping through resume pages during an interview. It also gives you a free opportunity to showcase what you have achieved in a space for anyone to see.
  3. Connect, Connect, Connect: The more people you connect with on LinkedIn, the more of a chance you have of running across a job opportunity or hiring manager. Whether you connect with old college classmates, or the boss you used to intern for, building your profile with people who are familiar with your work ethic will only help you when it comes to endorsements or reviews. Be sure to connect with people you have had positive experiences with, or have learned something from. This is a key tool in growing your LinkedIn network.
  4. Stay Updated: LinkedIn is a beneficial tool if you are consistent in using it. The only way to build connections with people is to remain active on the site. If you are too busy to check your profile or get involved in a group every day, make a conscious effort to be present a couple of times a week. This will help you grow your network even faster.