Instagram Marketing Tips

By Caitlin Cunningham

Launched in 2010, this photo and video sharing social networking platform has exploded in popularity.  As of January 2014, Instagram has approximately 150 million active users. The simplistic nature behind the app is what makes it so influential and powerful. Humans are incredibly visual creatures, and Instagram directly caters to this propensity. But before you attempt to start networking your business by using this app, keep these key tips in mind.

(1) Create a strategy that’s brand specific

Your brand has a unique way of seeing the world, so it’s important that your Instagram account convey this. Be consistent, but never overly staged or serious. You want a good mix of fun images with pictures of your business.

(2) Acknowledge your followers

Feature photos of your followers as they use your product/service.  This shows your appreciation of their patronage, as well as adds a fun and enticing element as to why you should be followed.  Also, follow your followers back. You’ll be able to learn more about what’s trending such as popular types of photos and commonly used hashtags.

(3) Execute contests
One of the greatest ways to increase engagement is host contests. For example, photo caption contests allow your followers to get involved with thinking about your brand in a fun and unique way. This creates meaning within your brand and is a positive way to interact with your audience.

(4) Geotag your posts

In order to target nearby consumers, geotag your photos by using Photo Map. This helps build community and locality within your brand, as well as give users an opportunity in the area to find you. This comes especially handy in the case of an out-of-town event or cause you to which you wish to draw attention.