Your Brand: Search Engine Optimization


So we’re all very well aware that social media is taking over the world. Most have a LinkedIn profile and many are represented on Facebook as well. Oh, and then there’s Plaxo. I’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time on Twitter; even installed Tweet Deck to stay on top of my followers. Then there’s BigSight and Naymz and FastPitch! and … the list continues.

So why do I have umpteen social networking accounts? They improve my search engine optimization (SEO). If I’m at a networking event and someone does a Google search on Jenna + Snackbox, I want them to find me easily.

Am I maintaining all of these networks? No. I do basic maintenance to ensure my contact information is up-to-date. I have four favorites, that seem to have the largest following, that receive most of my attention: LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn sends me emails when something happens with my account (a connection request, for example). I make it a habit to check in with LinkedIn once a week in an effort to expand my network and be involved in the community.

Plaxo, I love. I visit the site if my contact information changes, but otherwise, the site is on autopilot, automatically updating my Rolodex with changes from those in my network. It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up for the service and it’s such a convenient network.

Facebook began as a personal network, but as more business associates began sending me friend requests, I expanded my audience. This site is a great way to share articles, tips, etc. I’ve even created a Facebook group for Snackbox. I visit Facebook as few as one time per day, or if it’s a slow day, every hour ☺.

Twitter is my new muse. I installed Tweet Deck on my computer and a Twitter application for my iPhone so I can always be dialed in to the dialogue. There is an art to “tweeting,” but I have to tell you: it’s a fantastic way to learn about your industry, the influential people in it, etc.

Of course, any network gives you what you give it. Stay up-to-date on your preferred social networks by reading articles about them, talk with those in your network and in your industry.