Top 7 Ideas to Inspire Creativity at Work

By Caitlin Cunningham

1.     Implement Confidentiality: Having a suggestion box creates an outlet in which employees can voice ideas without fear of reprimand.

2.     Reward Creativity: It’s important to both create motivation for creative solutions and take suggestions seriously.  Nothing kills drive faster than failing to properly acknowledge suggested creative solutions. Rewards can range from tangible, such as a bonus, to intangible, such as public recognition.

3.     Foster Teamwork: Encourage employees to work and brainstorm together in teams. Augmenting conversation and interaction creates an atmosphere that supports free sharing of knowledge. Also, mix employees with different experiences and backgrounds. The more diverse the team, the more likely creative solutions will arise.

4.     Support Creativity: Employees will be hesitant to share ideas if they feel like they won’t be supported. Also, talk to new team members as soon as possible before the “this is how it’s always been done” mindset sinks in.

5.     Instill Positive Work Environment: Too serious of an office tone can sever creative exploration. Incorporating fun into work, such as encouraging play and games among team members, not only improves mood but also stimulates and arouses brain function.

6.     Surround the Office With Happy Colors: A positive office atmosphere helps inspire mental clarity. Whenever possible, avoid white walls, which tends to nurture nausea and headaches more often than colorful office spaces.

7.     Critique: While it is important to encourage idea sharing and discussion, it can be detrimental to be overly supportive. Criticism and debate are necessary for improvement and innovation.