The In’s and Out’s of a Successful eNewsletter Campaign

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By Dana Sotoodeh

We see it all the time especially around the holidays—our email is overflowing with messages about the same deals. Nordstrom’s Labor Day Sale, Dillard’s President’s Day Sale— what’s really the difference? Unfortunately, if you are scrolling past these frequent emails, the messages aren’t doing their job. They say a happy customer is an engaged one, so Team Snackbox is here to coach you on a few ways your email subscribers can gain interest in your e-newsletters and stop scrolling past your name.

1.)   Catchy Subject Line: Let’s start with the basics. The first thing your subscribers see when they open their inbox is your subject line. The key to getting your e-newsletter noticed begins with getting your subscriber to click it. Draw the reader in with creative and persuasive titles. The chances of keeping them entertained are much higher if they are genuinely interested in your subject line. 

2.)  Incorporate your personality- Subscribers want to feel like they can relate to you or your company. If you’ve been sending out the same e-newsletter and only changing the day of the sale or special, chances are, you’re getting overlooked. Incorporate a conversational tone into your e-newsletters. This makes the subscriber feel comfortable with you, and in result, boosts the chance of them opening and staying engaged in what you have to say. It’s important that your brand has it’s own unique voice.

3.)  Social Media Friendly: Let’s face it—if your e-newsletter isn’t social media friendly, it’s probably not going to go very far. In this day and age, information should be able to be shared quickly, and on various social media channels by the click of a button. Include Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook widgets within your e-newsletter. Not will your subscriber be happy about how easy it is to share your information—the more shares they do, the more popular you look. It’s a win-win.

4.)  Keep it Simple– Too many e-newsletters will overwhelm your subscribers, and none will make them lose interest. Keep your newsletters to the point by focusing on the quality of your product and offering small promotions or give-a-ways. This keeps subscribers engaged but not annoyed.

5.)  Update Content: Try and include at least one or two new pieces of content in each days e-newsletter. People don’t want to read the same thing day after day. It’s important that your content is constantly changing so that subscribers don’t lose interest and so that they understand what level of growth you and your company are on. The more new things going on, the busier you look—and busy is a good thing!