Green Business Travel Tips

Most of us travel for work. Here are a few tips for traveling as green as possible.

Book an eco-friendly hotel. Many cities offer great “green” options. My most recent “green” stay was at a great San Francisco boutique hotel called The Orchard Garden. Do your homework and listen to what other reviewers say on booking sites.

Use stainless steel water bottles rather than the typical plastic bottle. They last longer and are much better for the planet.

Regular sunscreen damages the coral reef. Look for environmentally-friendly options with biodegradable ingredients.

Rent a hybrid car. Some hotel chains even give discounts to guests who are driving fuel-efficient vehicles.

Book a non-stop flight. The majority of fuel use and harmful emissions happens when the plane is taking off and landing. Avoid layovers when possible.

Take shorter showers (this is something you can do at home, too, obviously).

Do not disturb. Use that door sign to prevent housekeeping staff from changing your sheets daily, waster electricity by vacuuming, etc.

Hang up your used towels. This lets staff know that you plan to reuse them, ultimately conserving water.