Five Things Every CEO Should Know

1. Know your customers
If you don’t know your customers, then how can you expect to know how to sell them your product or service? And once you think you know who your customer is, please don’t stop trying to get to know them better. The marketplace is ever changing and so is your customer.

2. Know the ins and outs of your marketing plan
Understand the ins and outs of your marketing plan and why the marketing team is suggesting the company go in this direction. Since you know your customer, understanding the marketing plan is a piece of cake.

3. Know your competition
Not only should you know who you’re competing against, but you should also know what your competition is doing. You should know your competition so well that you’re able to anticipate their every move.

4. Know your accountant
I’m sure you have a very good accountant who is incredibly trustworthy, but you’re in this business to make money. Check in with your accountant to ensure taxes are properly paid, know what’s going on with expenses and payroll, too.

5. What don’t we know that we should?
Hopefully you’re following steps one through four, but there’s always something out there, specific to your business that you should know inside and out. Is it the manufacturing process? The sales process? Only you can know what this fifth element is, but know it and know it well.