Empowering and Educating Young Women

By Yahaira Hernandez

Educating students, mentoring interns and speaking at colleges are a few of the many ways to connect with aspiring professionals. Young women can especially benefit from experts like yourself. Being a mentor to young women is important, but look at the bigger picture: you’re also paving the way for the next generation entering the business world.

Whether you have an hour or an entire day, there are many different methods of mentoring young women. See the list below for ways you can help make a powerful impact in someone’s life.


Welcoming interns into your workplace is a great way to give students and young professionals hands-on experience in the real world. College classes can certainly prepare students, but an internship or apprenticeship provides an exceptional way to learn and develop professional skills like participating in business meetings, building reports and working through to-do lists.

Public Speaking

Speaking at high schools, colleges and young women’s groups can be a very rewarding experience. Having a professional like yourself talk to young women or lecture a large body of students gives them a great perspective on what they can look forward to in the future. Discussing your challenges, successes and goals can make their dreams look even more realistic and attainable.

Expert Advice

Giving young women small tips and tricks you’ve learned throughout your career can be hugely helpful. In fact, at Snackbox I’ve learned many important lessons to apply in and outside the office. Such as:

  • Don’t limit your resume to one page if you have a wide range of experience, expertise and interests.
  • Writing a handwritten, personalized note will get you miles ahead of the pack when interviewing or networking.
  • Social media is a great way to network with other professionals.
  • If you’re at a professional event, replace alcohol with Ginger Ale or Cranberry Juice so you’re not left empty-handed and still appear to be participating.

As you can tell, it doesn’t matter how small or large the lesson is, young women everywhere are eager to learn. And, it’s even more satisfying to see these same students or mentees apply their strengths and skills on a regular basis and pass on their knowledge to others. Happy teaching!