‘E’ is for Experts

Let’s face it: We’re entrepreneurs because we’re experts at what we do … I’m a Public Relations entrepreneur because I’m good at PR, not necessarily an expert at running a business. The really great bakery in town is great at making cupcakes, but accounting, insurance, etc. may not necessarily be an area of excellence.

Repeat after me: I cannot be an expert in all things.

One more time. “I cannot be an expert in all things”.

Step one? Look at all aspects of your business and determine which areas should not be a focus … hate math? Outsource your accounting. Terrible at space planning? Work with a design firm.

Step two? Establish a budget for outsourcing. Determine where you’re going to spend your money and stick to your budget. You may have $100 for a design firm to help with space planning … but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of finding someone to help. If you can’t afford a a traditional firm, look to local collegiate programs. Ask your network for recommendations, join groups where referrals are the order of the day.

By surrounding yourself with experts, you do yourself a favor by eliminating unnecessary stress. And guess what? You’re simultaneously doing a favor to your clients, too. Your business runs smoother, you look more professional and credible, and you can lean on your stable of experts at a moment’s notice (and be prepared to do the same for them … it’s not just a one-way street).