‘D’ is for Desk

For those of you working out of an office, skip this post. For the rest of you, listen up. Having a work space of your own, whether its a small desk that’s housed in a closet or it’s a physical room, you need a designated work space.

Think about your daily tasks, the space that is required, and how you’ll use it. Invest in a great desk and an amazing chair … if you’re doing things right, you’ll be spending a lot of time at your own ‘command central’.

Since we launched Snackbox, my workspace has evolved. I started out sharing a computer with Eric … that didn’t last long. Next, I graduated to my own Macbook Pro and a small filing cabinet, both of which were used at the dining room table during the day, tucked away at night.

And today? I’m presently operating from a massive Mid-Century Modern wooden desk, the same Macbook Pro from the early days (plus a second monitor) and THE WORST desk chair I have ever experienced. There is method to my madness, though … my chair will be replaced with a fabulous Eames Management chair once I reach a personal goal for total Snackbox billings.

Sure the current chair makes me cranky and it’s quite common for my legs to fall asleep throughout the day because the jerk of a chair cuts off my circulation … but it’s my own self-inflicted hell until I reach my goal.

Looking back, I wish I’d planned my space a little more thoroughly and had given thought to how I would use it then, along with five years into the future. Your work space should be flexible and should grow with your responsibilities.