Our Favorite Winter Accessories

By Christine Vivoli

Just like furnishing your new home, every working girl needs to be in possession of certain accessories for the winter. These pieces need to be classy items that have some longevity to them, not trendy impulse purchases. Here are eight staples that we think are worth investing in.

  1.  A piece of understated jewelry that is your essential signature accessory.
  2.  A watch that encourages punctuality and offers a statement.
  3.  A classic leather handbag that will carry all of your everyday essentials.
  4.  Sunglasses to protect your eyes when traveling to and from meetings and the office.
  5.  A cozy scarf to keep you warm and add that extra something to any outfit.
  6.  A classic pair of black tights to pair with any skirt or dress.
  7.  Ear warmers for those cold trips to and from meetings and the office.
  8.  Gloves to keep your hands warm while traveling outside.