2013 Food Trends

Every year, it seems like there’s a new trend in food, much like there is in fashion.  A few years ago, it was cupcakes, which really hasn’t seemed to die down.  Last year, some tried to make macaroons the “it” food, but it didn’t catch on.  So what makes a food “trendy” and what’s hot so far in 2013?

We searched the Web to find what people are talking about and here are the top 5 trends so far in 2013, in no particular order:

  1. Powdered foods.  According to Cooking Light Magazine, retailers are finding a big demand for new products such as powdered chia seeds, which can be used as a substitute for flour in gluten-free or Paleo diets.  Powdered coconut milk can easily be dropped into  smoothies or as an extra zing in baked goods.  A spoonful of either on top of your everyday foods can give you the health benefits as well.
  2. Quinoa.  Rice has been the king of wheat-alternative grains, but 2013 is seeing quinoa continuing it’s surge that started in 2012.  Quinoa is called a “pseudograin” because it isn’t a cereal or grass crop, which makes it healthier for those with allergies.  Quinoa is actually related to beets and spinach, so not only is it easy to use as a starch with meals, but it is high in plant protein, so it’s great for vegetarian or vegan diets.
  3. Ramen.  Remember, back in college, when you tried to set a record for the number of different ways to make ramen?  Well, it’s back and it’s sexy!  Ramen has long been recognized as an inexpensive, filling meal but this year sees restaurants adding ramen to menus and upping the flavor quotient by including other Asian flavors and proteins.
  4. Kimchi.  A traditional Korean dish made from cabbage, kimchi is similar to a sauerkraut, but spicier.  Traditionally, cabbage was placed in a large clay pot with brine and spices added.  The pot was then sealed and buried underground for several months.  Fast forward to 2013, and kimchi has been unearthed and added to menus across the country.  You’ll find kimchi as soup, stew and as a condiment and adds quite a kick to any dish, not just Korean cuisines.
  5. Tea.  Bon Appetit Magazine says tea is the new coffee in 2013.  The last 10 years have been dominated by coffee companies, such as Starbucks, but this year, it seems people are tiring of the acid feeling after a heavy cup of coffee and are looking back to England for a refreshing, lighter, yet comforting hot beverage; tea ticks every box.  You’ve always been able to find hundreds of varieties of tea at your local grocer and even more at organic/healthy stores.  The difference in 2013 is the increase in the number of accessories for brewing and drinking tea.  Even Starbucks is getting into the tea frenzy, adding tea presses to their coffee-related products.

We’re excited to see where the rest of 2013 will take us in terms of food trends and are curious: Which food trends are you most excited about and what would you like to see in food in the future?