Treat Your Job Search Like a Client

A few things to think about as you look for a job … you have a lot of competition. Treat your job search just as you’d treat a client.
1. Create a strategy
2. Build a list of targeted agencies and research them
3. Create an email that is customized for each of the recipients you contact
4. Take a look at your resume … is it boring to you? Chances are that it will be boring to the HR manager, too.
5. Network. Attend industry events. Shake a lot of hands and pass out business cards (have personal business cards made up with your name, cell and personal email)
6. Work LinkedIn … you can look at your connection’s connections and ask for introductions.
7. Stay on people’s radar by going out for coffee, lunch and drinks.
8. Be social, but don’t be desperate. I don’t see you doing this, but I’ve seen others do it, so I have to warn. Starting off a conversation negatively (oh, this terribly economy, woe is me, I don’t have a job), pushes people away. Instead, approach it as you’re happy and your fierce and you’re looking for new, challenging opportunities.