Our Top Tips for a Great Performance Review

By Yahaira Hernandez

In my experience, I have had two performance reviews since I started at Snackbox. The first performance review happened while I was an intern and the second time was as an Assistant Account Executive. On both occasions, I learned a lot about Snackbox and about myself. I learned that even though I am dedicated, I make mistakes from time to time. The most important thing, however, is that I learn from my mistakes and I always try to excel in my craft.

At Snackbox, we love to provide valuable information that you can carry with you throughout your career. Getting hired is one thing, but proving yourself time and time again to earn that promotion or raise takes a lot of effort and skill. The following is a list of our top five tips towards achieving an excellent performance review.

Be On Time

Everyone knows that being a great verbal communicator is crucial, but your nonverbal communication is just as important. By showing up to work on time, you are communicating responsibility and you are showing your team that you care.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Are you a perfectionist like me? If so, you might need to remind yourself that as humans, it’s only natural to make mistakes. The true test is admitting to your mistakes and overcoming these obstacles by performing better as an employee. An employer will know whether or not your mistakes are making or breaking you.

Be a Team Player

At Snackbox, we always try to help each other, from proof reading a document to suggesting pitch ideas. Make sure your team knows that you are as dedicated to your job as they are, this will reflect beautifully on you and your entire workplace!

Take Your Work a Step Further

Dedication is a key determinant to a great performance review. Some employers see this because of the extra input you give, like staying longer hours or providing a more detailed report than what was requested. By always going that extra mile, you can provide many points on just how valuable you are to the company.

Make Your Boss’s Life Easier

One of the most valuable lessons given to our employees is doing your job well enough to make your boss’s life easier. Your employer will be grateful for giving them more time and energy to switch between tasks.