Project Spotlight: Minx Parlor

We were approached by the owners of a new high-end European shoe boutique to create an identity for them. Because both owners had a very strong idea of what their their ideal clientele was, it was decided to forgo the traditional brand strategy document and instead write a target profile, included below.

Minx Attitude
A minx is not really an age so much as an attitude. She’s flirtatious, mysterious, feminine. She has understated elegance. She’s smart, wicked, modern. She buys art and appreciates beautiful things. She is a woman with an attitude. She’s dark and provocative but not harsh or cheap. She knows how to carry herself so she’s strong but feminine. She is a dichotomy. She’s at once vintage but modern, edgy but elegant. She’s desirable and knows it but won’t use it for evil.

We presented a range of logos from conservative to the most lush, with the owners choosing, without hesitation, the most over the top option. The end result was both owners were delighted by the new identity and felt the logo perfectly captured their idea of the Minx mystique. Although “Minx Attitude” was developed for internal purposes, the owners liked the language so much that they began using it in marketing materials as well.

After the selection of the final logo, the store has changed quite a bit. However, the logo has remained relevant. Minx Parlor has moved from high-end shoes to a wider range of items that appeals to the full Minx personality … accessories, clothing, even lifestyle services such as tailoring, hairstyling and dance classes.

The differentiation of the logo we created, coupled with its flexibility to adapt as the store changes, makes it a tremendous success.