Elements of a Strong Brand

By Yahaira Hernandez

What does having a “brand” mean? Some may think about a company’s image, or a company’s logo, or perhaps their motto. These concepts are mostly true, however, to be more specific, a brand is basically the expression of a company’s values, services, and characteristics. Branding can help motivate people into becoming loyal customers that are supporters of a product or service.

Just think, how many people do you know are die-hard Apple product owners? Companies like Nike, McDonalds, and Apple have iconic logos, memorable mottos, and genius marketing strategies that have evolved and attracted customers for generations. These companies could not be more different, but they all have one thing in common: a strong brand.

First, let’s discuss what makes a weak brand. A weak brand lacks consumer awareness; this could be due to low publicity or confusion over what the company does. A weak brand may also lack innovation, many brands come and go but that could be because companies fail to adapt new ideas and avoid taking risks. Also, setting unrealistic expectations can put a strain on the company and its employees. Weak brands may also focus too much on what competitors are doing, rather than focusing on what consumers want and how to make them loyal to your brand.

Now, what exactly makes a brand strong and recognizable? Branding is strategic; a brand must be meaningful, you want your brand to represent your company’s story, goals, mission, and values to attract customers and stakeholders. A strong brand is also unique, not all companies are the same, so letting people know what makes your company different and perhaps better than others can certainly make your brand more important to a customer. A strong brand must also have a lot of exposure, having a brand that can be consistently seen on various products and services can help customers become familiar with your company and seek it. Another important factor in creating a strong brand is making it sustainable, you want your brand to be a lasting one, so improvement and innovation is key to an enduring brand.