Have a Green Thanksgiving

Source: BHG.com, 11/26/08

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Posted by Debra BHG Editor at 11/26/2008 5:15 AM CST

I love Thanksgiving dinner (especially my mom’s cooked-in-the-bird stuffing). I hate Thanksgiving dinner dishes. Be honest…you do, too.
So that’s why I’m intrigued with the idea of using high-quality disposable paper plates for the Thanksgiving meal this year. Simply use and toss. What could be easier? Choose something sturdy yet biodegradable, such as Chinet Classic White (shown) to make sure all that turkey, green bean casserole, and potatoes and gravystays on your plate and not on the floor.

As for the table decor, simply dress up the simple white plates with white cloth or paper napkins,seasonal napkin rings, andyour best flatware.Pretty, easy on your hands,and good for the planet because you’ll use less water and energy if you do fewer loads in the dishwasher.

Let us know what ideas you have for keeping the holidays green.