Green Holiday Tips from Chinet® Brand Disposable Premium Tableware

DeSoto, Kan. (November 17, 2008) – America’s premium disposable tableware brand, Chinet, practices sustainable processes in production and offers products that are made of recycled content that is biodegradable in home composting. Makers of the Chinet brand challenge families everywhere to be as “green” as possible this holiday season by making small adjustments to their plans, reducing their carbon footprint.

Tips for greening your holiday season include:

Add organic and local foods, decor to your holiday celebrations

Support local farmers who produce sustainable meat and produce. Looking for great recipes for your holiday menu? Visit for great recipes that work well with organic ingredients.

Buy a living tree that can be planted outside or kept as a houseplant after the holidays. Trees that are grown locally save energy associated with transportation.

Recycle your Christmas tree
Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes. If your town doesn’t have a tree recycling program, ask local government officials to start one.

Buy emerging-saving LED holiday lights
LED lights use 90 percent less energy than conventional holiday lights. Turn them on only when someone is around to appreciate them (this practice also reduces fire hazards).

Use recycled tableware when entertaining
Chinet Classic White and Chinet Casuals Plates are disposable tableware made from 100 percent pre-consumer recycled material, material that would otherwise go into a landfill. Both lines are kosher, certified chlorine-free and biodegradable in home composting. The process takes about 60 days and the end result is a great base for your flower or vegetable garden. Plus, Chinet Classic White and Chinet Casuals tableware are still microwave safe and available in a variety of sizes.

Consolidate shopping trips
Bring your own shopping bags and patronize shops that you can bike or walk to, rather than driving. When you need to drive, combine several errands into one trip and consider traveling with friends. For online purchases, consolidate into as few shipments as possible.

Avoid shiny, foiled holiday cards
Choose cards that can be recycled locally such as cards printed on white stock without metallic or plastic coatings. Consider substituting postcards for cards that require envelopes and reuse the fronts of holiday cards as gift tags.

Use alternative wrapping methods
Avoid foil and plastic-embossed paper because it uses more resources in its manufacturing process. Wrap gifts using old newspapers or paper bags. Reduce your family’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of trash you produce during this holiday season.

“By making small adjustments to your holiday planning, you can help reduce your carbon footprint this season,” said Julie Stoetzer, Chinet Brand Marketing Manager. “We pursue sustainable processes in production every day through preservation of natural resources because we care about our planet and the impact we have on everything we touch.”

Huhtamaki Americas, Inc., makers of Chinet® products, practices sustainable processes in the production of both consumer and specialty packaging. By using recycled materials in the production of molded fiber products Huhtamaki annually saves:
– Nearly three million trees each year
– One billion gallons of water which is equal to the supply of water for a city of 10,000
– 65 million gallons of oil or the equivalent of 31 million gallons of gas

These green efforts, along with programs to reduce its pollution and power use, have earned Huhtamaki a number of awards, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Environmental Achievement Award. For more information about Huhtamaki sustainability efforts processes, visit

Recommended Web sites for more “green” holiday tips:

About the Chinet Brand
Made in America since the 1930s, Chinet disposable tableware has a long history of making strong plates and even stronger memories as friends and family gather. Chinet products give you the strength and style you depend on with the added piece of mind knowing you’re using environmentally friendly products. For more information about Chinet and its family of products, visit

About Huhtamaki
Established in 1920 as a specialty packaging organization, Huhtamaki provides many of the world’s most recognizable consumer goods packaging and foodservice containers, including the retail line of Chinet premium disposable tableware. For more information about Huhtamaki, visit


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