Top 10 Time Management Tips

By Yahaira Hernandez

Many people often find themselves completely stressed and overwhelmed that they can’t even find the time to alleviate that stress.

Sometimes we struggle to focus on the task at hand, or we may become easily distracted, or we may have anxiety as a result of constantly worrying about meeting deadlines. Poor management skills can lead to procrastination and lacking self-control, which can then create unwanted stress in your life.

With time management skills you can effectively plan a schedule, prioritize tasks, and accomplish your goals. As you apply these time management skills in your life, you will surely also see an improvement in your overall wellbeing. Completing your tasks on time and efficiently can give you more breathing room and more positive energy throughout the day.

Here is a list of the top 10 time management tips that can help you manage your time wisely and effectively:

  1. Schedule tasks in a daily planner, this gives you a plan for your day and allows you to dedicate a certain amount of time towards completing projects, checking emails, and making calls
  2. Prioritize daily tasks, you can list tasks in order of importance or highlight projects that you expect will take longer to complete so you can prioritize them first

  3. Exercise early, after exercising you can find yourself more energized and in a better mood, which can make you more productive throughout the day

  4. Have good meals, that means you should have a healthy, well portioned breakfast and lunch for energy and to help you avoid visiting vending machines and eating snacks throughout the day

  5. Know when you are most productive, if you work better during the morning or during the afternoon, you can focus on the more important tasks during that time

  6. Schedule time for yourself, meeting your daily goals can be overwhelming so reserve 10 or 15 minutes to walk around, lie down, or stop and listen to music to reenergize
  7. Block out distractions, if you are easily distracted you can close your door, turn off your cell phone or you can turn off any unnecessary alert notifications so that you are not frequently checking them

  8. Organize your workspace, this way you can avoid wasting time searching for papers or items and focus on the task

  9. Be well rested, sleep is essential to your productivity, so make sure you get at least six hours of sleep every night as sleep deprivation can slow you down and make you forgetful

  10. Reward yourself, after every three daily tasks that you complete, you can reward yourself, such as enjoying 10 minutes on Pinterest or reading your favorite maga